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There is something wrong with this world. Blogs are being blocked. Bloggers are being thrown into jail.

Whether your blog is good or bad for the internet and its users, whether your thoughts - personal or propaganda... everything depends on the point of view.

Today, I found myself being attacked... for I spoke about the grace of life and kindness. If kindness and goodness is only something you share with your group/sect/herd/religion - then what's the point of living under this sky?

When George Bush said, "either you are with us or you are against us", he was parading his ignorance at a world stage. He was also parading the soul-less self, telling us he is scared of the 'other man'.

To many, a life without an enemy is almost impossible. Bush is that kind of a man. He needs to see an enemy to validate his life on earth; simply because he has no grace of his own.

In today's debate on sectarian violence, I refused to take sides. Why should common people take law into their own hands and seek revenge, retribution and what not?

Violence is not an answer for violence; it only breeds more violence. In any such situation it is the women and children who suffer and die the most.

For common folk to sit in their comforts of the drawing room and justify killing, just because there is a history of violence, is sheer madness.

It shocks me that there is so much violence trapped inside the hearts and minds of common people - that they live in fear of the other herd and want to kill.

This mistrust, hatred, fear, terror within - creates a violent world.

All these people are god-fearing, god-loving, pious, respectable people in our society. They try to mask the stench of their hypocrisy by pointing fingers at the other.

These are the people who follow the Bible, Quran, Gita, Vedas and all the Holy Scriptures... still there is a thirst for blood of the other herd.

Today I was called an enemy - because I refuse to take sides in the killing. My understanding is that the state has a duty and a responsibility to protect the lives of every citizen - no matter which religion they follow. I hope, one day soon, the world will realise the danger of organised religion or an organised herd.

Why is it that they call me an enemy? It is a simple logic: "If you don't hate them (who they consider to be an enemy), you are one of them."

Whether I like a certain herd or identify myself with a herd doesn't matter to them. To them, the common factor is hatred. This is how they see it: If you refuse to hate a Muslim/Hindu/Christian, you are a Muslim/Hindu/Christian sympathiser.

According to these morons, "Reason, Intelligence, Wisdom, Compassion, Kindness, Goodwill... are not qualities or possession of a common man."

How can I bring a child into such a world? How can I let my child learn from people whose love is based on who you hate?

I am sure there are millions of people who have had enough of spinning around in this giant wheel of hatred. The ones who spread hatred are secondhanders with no self-respect at all. To them, justice only happens when they win - even if it means ripping the hearts out of their own children - who refuse to hate their enemies.

Me writing in my blog about the vulgarity of the suppressed violence in common people is not going to make a big difference to this world.

My dad enjoys watching violent movies. He enjoys violence - of arms being ripped out, heads being smashed to pulp... his excuse is: it is the 'evil people' who are being violently destroyed. Since the time I can remember... maybe at the age of five, it was very clear to me that my dad is a coward - hence he enjoys the violence.

A brave man never enjoys or resorts to violence. It takes a brave man to stop the violence and reclaim peace in this world.

If you like violence (of any degrees, may it be on TV, Big screen, or real life) you are a coward.

As for my violent readers, don't bother to send me messages on this. You just wouldn't understand what I have written.


Hari said…
I feel like, I had another gulp of Absolut !!! Talk about nailing it on the corny as this might sound....everytime I have a few thoughts on some write an article...which is exactly on the same lines...only difference word it to perfection.

Let me explain how I happened to think on these very same lines. You would know about the Cauvery "issue" out here, right? Last time a verdict came out against karnataka, in '92 or '91, there were large scale riots....and close to 15 people lost their lives it seems. This time when people heard the verdict....everyone panicked and rushed to the safety of their homes at 4pm in the evening. the verdict had not been kind to karnataka. when I was driving back in the night, the outer ring road which is jampacked with vehicles was literally empty !! My manager who had a "TN" registration car, left it in office and went in the office shuttle. 'Fear' !

The next day in the newspaper....there was a comment by Girish karnad, who is a resident of Bangalore. He had merely said '...if you go to a tribunal which was setup with the consensus of the two states...then you have to accept the verdict whatever it may be....and not accept it only if it is in your favour and reject it otherwise.' Needless to say, his house was pelted by stones by the "herd" !!
as you rightly said, 'Reason' is beyond them. Having said that, I truly have no clue, as to what breeds this....whether if it is the economic disparities....even with all those have to be a weak minded person, be manipulated like this.

Loved the piece....!!!!!!
Well said SS. Only cowards celebrate violence!
Kathleen said…
I agree with what you are saying. Life is precious and the world is in a state of change. People resist change because it makes them uncomfortable and the most powerful change agents in history who promoted peace, tolerance and diversity have not been welcomed or well received by the prevailing establishment. Look at Christ, King, Martin Luther, Kennedy, Lincoln, Ghandi and Mandella. These men were leaders with a vision and an idea. Some were considered Prophets. One accepted as the Son of God.

It is easy to be a sheep and a member of a herd. It leaves the decision making to others and as a member of the herd can say, "not my fault, I didn't do it." Denialability. "I was just following orders." Even in cases where the violence resulted in genocide.

We need to have a sense of justice restored to the wheel. Its realignment needs to be balanced gently and with care. Individuals and society need to be responsible and accountable for their decision and have empathy for others. Compassion not indifference.

Violence begets violence and violence/bullying begins in the home.

Bullies are bullies because they enjoy the sense of power over overs and they enjoy having their victims feel oppressed due to this power imbalance. Bullies can bully with words, deeds and even a look.

The herd are bystanders to the bullying event and at risk of being acceptable behaviour to a society desensitised to the bullying and violence.

We need to work with the bully to develop empathy: to recognise and feel the needs of others. Only then can a change in the wheel of hatred be broken.

The following is the concluding statement from my thesis which is soon to be submitted to the review committee.

As a history teacher, I have learnt that Kennedy wanted to follow another former United States President, Woodrow Wilson, promoting human rights on a global level.

Kennedy at a commencement address at American University on 10 June 1963 quoted Wilson:

“Professor Woodrow Wilson once said that every man sent out from a university should be a man of this nation as well as a man of his time, and I am confident that the men and women who carry the honor of graduating from this institution will continue to give from their lives, from their talents, a high measure of pubic service and public support.”

It is only fitting that this project ends with a quote by Kennedy from the same address:

“So, let us not be blind to our differences - But let us also direct attention to our common interests and to the means by which those differences can be resolved. And if we cannot end now our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity. For, in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children's future. And we are all mortal.”

Your postings are fulfilling that dream. Remember, truth is just that truth. A truth can be sour tonic for some to swallow. And so many people would rather accept and hear a sweet lie than a sour truth.

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