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What Clash of Civilizations? - AMARTYA SEN

Why religious identity isn't destiny.
By Amartya Sen
Posted Wednesday, March 29, 2006, at 6:02 AM ET

This essay is adapted from the new bookIdentity and Violence, published by Norton.That some barbed cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed could generate turmoil in so many countries tells us some rather important things about the contemporary world. Among other issues, it points up the intense sensitivity of many Muslims about representation and derision of the prophet in the Western press (and the ridiculing of Muslim religious beliefs that is taken to go with it) and the evident power of determined agitators to generate the kind of anger that leads immediately to violence. But stereotyped representations of this kind do another sort of damage as well, by making huge groups of people in the world to look peculiarly narrow and unreal.The portrayal of the prophet with a bomb in the form of a hat is obviously a figment of imagination and cannot be judged literally, and the relevance of that …

Arnie vs Charlie

"Yes, I made some gay porn for Robert Mapplethorpe. Yes, I like to grope women, too. Yes, I have done illegal drugs. Yes, I have written some very hostile things about Christians and Christianity. Yes, I have a nazi background. So what if I'm a degenerate hedonist, I am a Republican. Only Republicans have the right to not be like Jesus,"[+]

Fighting Hepatitis C

Cuba’s Engineers New Treatment Against Hepatitis C

Havana, March 14 (CNA) The Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB)has developed a treatment –produced with Cuban technology– to combat the hepatitis C virus. In the long run this portends to lead to the healing all liver illnesses.

The product originates from a combination of two medications which are also the results of Cuban genetic engineering: Alfa 2B interferon and Rivavirina.

According to Dr. Hugo Nodarse, Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Cuban patients can now count on an alternative for increasing their chances to control liver disorders.

By combining these two formulas, the therapeutic response from patients suffering from chronic hepatitis is enhanced, said the scientist.

Although the therapy focuses on removing the Hepatitis C virus from blood circulation, it involves the long term target of curing all kinds of liver disorders and normalizing liver enzymes, said Nodarse.

The Cuban expert said that the compou…